Grilby Productions

Grilby Productions is an experimental film group incorporating sound and visuals.

But it’s not a casting agency

“But it’s not a casting agency” is a short film based around a dream and a conversation I once had with a previous employer. At the time my employer was discussing her relationship with her husband and a lady that he had met called “Polly”.

 My story is about a female character that is not happy with her mundane existence, which goes on a surreal journey only to find out that in fact she does not exist and is a made up character created by the ‘maker’.  The short is an attempt to analyze whether there is a meaning to a ‘non story’.

 I initially wanted the film to flow in a slow motion dream style. I have been looking at Surrealist artist and film makers such as Hans Bellmer, Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel and Jan Svankmajer.  I wanted my short to portray a dreamlike world as if it was a surrealist painting. I am particularly inspired by the works of Bellmer and Svankmajer.